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Welcome to the official site of "Sonic: Defender Of Mobius", a new online Sonic fancomic brought to you by Mido, also known as "thepurgetvshow" on Tumblr.

Rather than being a straight adaptation of the Sonic world, Defender Of Mobius takes after Archie's Sonic and Sonic The Comic, with new characters and new lore. The comic features new character designs, and although there's only one art style really in place since I, Mido, am the only one mainly working on the comic (although my friend, CpChan is helping with the coloring, thank you so much Cp!), when more artists join the team, I'm going to allow, and even encourage the use of their own styles, like in Sonic The Comic.

Anyways, If you're wanting to read the comic, just click "Archives" and select the issue you'd like to read. If you want to know more about the comic and it's universe, click "About". If you'd like to learn about the Characters, head on over to "Characters".
You can get updates on production on "Production Blog", and read the comic on Tumblr on "Tumblr Host", and finally, to know what the story is so far, just click "Story Recap".

I hope you enjoy this comic, and If you're an artist, designer, or writer, please consider joining the team!
If you want to join the team, message me through Discord (My tag is MiDO#0671).
Once again, please enjoy the comic and I hope you enjoy your stay!